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Business Plan

Case Study

Capture Strategy and Proposal Support for
Two Recomplete Awards

Challenge: Our client needed support developing capture, and teaming strategies for two critical cybersecurity services contract recompetes that they could no longer bid as a prime due to the size standard and contract vehicle.

Solution: GPS Strategic Advisors supported the development of the capture strategy and teaming approach, identifying a qualified small business prime to address their lack of vehicle access. Our guidance allowed our client to make an informed teaming determination to maximize workshare and PWin. Our agency and SMEs participated in color reviews, content recovery, and technical editing of the proposal submission. In addition, our orals coach helped the client’s proposal team prepare for orals supporting scripting, slide reviews, and presentation rehearsals.

Outcome: Our client’s prime was awarded both contracts with a combined value of $157 Million, allowing our client to retain a large percentage of their existing workshare, staff, and agency experience.

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