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Case Study

Market Analysis and Growth Strategy for Graduating 8(a) Digital Transformation Service Provider

Challenge: A leading federal provider of digital transformation services graduating from the SBA 8(a) program needed assistance in establishing an organizational structure and corporate strategy to grow in more competitive environments. The woman-owned small business wanted to expand beyond its existing government accounts by maturing and scaling proposal and business development processes and creating a visible pipeline to position for long-term revenue growth.  

Solution: GPS Strategic Advisors participated in weekly internal business development, capture, and investment strategy discussions with the client. We provided contract pursuit guidance including how and when to make critical bid/no-bid decisions. We also supported Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) strategy and pursuit to capture best practices and train leadership. We helped the customer identify and qualify opportunities outside of the normal digital playbook that leveraged new technical differentiators and a unique value proposition. We also worked with the client to build a diverse pipeline aligned to the strengths and new differentiated solutions. GPS provided procurement strategy, a plan for vehicle access, and insight into government buying and acquisition trends.  

Outcome: Our assessments and strategic guidance helped the customer to expand its account plan and justify continued investment in business development. GPS Strategic Advisors’ insights elevated the company’s knowledge of the target client organization, stakeholders, influencers, decision-makers, and organizational initiatives, mandates, priorities, and key objectives.  

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