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Case Study

Pipeline, Capture, Proposal, and  Orals Support for IT Modernization Win

Challenge: Our client, an emerging small business, was looking to expand IT modernization capabilities into adjacent agencies. Although our client has been at the forefront of IT modernization and digital transformation across the federal government, they lacked the agency and program-specific knowledge required to develop a winning capture and proposal strategy.

Solution: GPS Strategic Advisors developed a tailored agency pipeline, identifying an opportunity to sustain and enhance the systems and applications used by a federal government loan program that issued $2.1 Billion in loans. We identified and recruited the incumbent subcontractor with the required technical expertise and historical knowledge to complement the team. Our SMEs helped write the proposal, participated in color reviews, and provided editors and proofreaders. In addition, our team worked with our client to prepare for orals, including refining a slide presentation deck, proofing slides, working with presenters on their talking points, and orals coaching.

Outcome: Our client was awarded a $24 Million contract, unseating a long-standing incumbent, and established themselves as a trusted IT transformation and modernization partner within the agency.

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